Insights and Techniques

Hello there, I'm Marisa Kirisame!

I'm a third year (counting from 0) utah phd student, being advised by Pavel Panchekha.
I work at the intersection between Programming Language and System. I am currently working on software caching and rematerialization.

Latest news: MemBalancer had been accepted to OOPSLA!

Selected Publications:

Optimal Heap Limits for Reducing Browser Memory Use
Marisa Kirisame, Pranav Shenoy, Pavel Panchekha
Dynamic Tensor Rematerialization
Marisa Kirisame, Steven Lyubomirsky, Altan Haan, Jennifer Brennan, Mike He, Jared Roesch, Tianqi Chen, Zachary Tatlock
ICLR 2021 (Spotlight)

Notes on Staging and Partial Evaluation

I also write stuff on Zhihu (Chinese).